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(( P O O R . O P H E L I A ))

Lady Miryna
9 October
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User Number: 6040422
Date Created:2005-02-06
Number of Posts: 761

Miry is an easily excited, hyperactive, usually enthusiastic marshmallow fangirl. She likes to do tricks with swords and wow people with her mad Spanish speaking skillz. She tends to get confused whenever people use polysyllabic words and can often be heared crying mournfully, "What's going on?" Although she is no one to be afraid of, avoiding her is probably a good idea, as her quirks are most likely contagious.
Strengths: Sweet, smart literate, artistic, crazy.
Weaknesses: Bossy, easily angered, eccentric, crazy.
Special Skills: Ghetto fab dancing, writing, answer questions somewhat correctly, lying, climbing up walls, web design.
Weapons: Elizabethan wooden stylus pen with lethal brass nib, tight jeans, sabre, stripey hat.
♥'s: Audrey Hepburn, Harry Potter, Phantom of the Opera, music, the Postal Service, old movies, Robert Pattinson, marshmallows (especially grey ones), funky things, fencing, computers, teh intar webs.

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